As CEO of the Elite Mindset Institute I work with the best of the best, the world’s most elite athletes and use my skills as a hypnotherapist to get them where they can achieve great things through the power of their own mind. Over the past 13 years I have used hypnosis to unlock the minds of 34 world champions, as well as local athletes and business people.

Everyone has got potential and there are limitations that come with that, many of these limitations are “fears”. I’m the person that can work through the basic fundamentals of the human mind to remove the fears you have created. If you can create these boundaries then you can destroy them but you have to understand how to and that is where I come in. I tap into the unconscious part of the mind to help athletes and business people achieve their end goals.

As an athlete, fear plays a huge part in our mindset. Fear comes in many forms like fear of failure, fear of success, doubts, self-consciousness, anxieties and negative judgements . When we fear success we are holding ourselves back because we are afraid of what will happen if we meet our goals. I work purely in the unconscious mind and work my way through the 13 fundamentals of the human mind that always exist and are always in play. I then can pick up any athlete and drop them through the 13 filters and pin point exactly where the transformation needs to happen. Once that is identified I then work to find a solution and build the athlete back up through the filters to achieve full transformation. It really can be that quick!

If we fear failure so badly then we should run the opposite direction, that is we should run towards success. Stuart’s formula for success is Your existing results equal your potential, minus your fears.
My job is to help people figure out where they are going and what their end result is. Motivation is only possible when you have direction, it comes from within once you have an end result. I make people do great things through the power of their own minds.

I want to let you in on the top three mindsets that every elite athlete has:

A clear, defined end result;
Persistence through adversity and emotional highs and lows; and
Total commitment to your end goal

With my help you will learn how to trust your team, your coach, yourself, as well as your end goal. My e-book, “The Dear Diary Process” delves into the way you can process and overcome the stress that comes with creating a better tomorrow, today. You will learn how to simplify your routine in order to gain maximum results.

To get your copy of, “The Dear Diary Process” you can visit my website to find the direct link for purchase.

“Your existing results equal your potential, minus your fears.”
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