Off the back of a very successful playing career in his beloved sport of baseball, Paul Gonzalez has transitioned into a career in sports management.

Hailing from a tough part of Forth Worth Texas, there was no silver spoon put in Paul’s mouth rather, he humbly shares “I had to work from the bottom up”. He was blessed with a family that believed in him as a person and as a baseball player and that belief helped him through adversity. Reflecting on the impact of that belief Paul says “I’ve never been afraid to work, I’ve never been afraid of failure and I believe that is what set me apart from others”.

With the freedom that comes with not fearing failure and an undying work ethic Paul became a division one college player at TCU in Texas and went on to a professional career in the AAA league in the U.S.A and play professionally in Taiwan, Japan, Italy Mexico and Australia. Paul represented Australia in the Sydney 2000 Olympics and then again in Athens 2004 where he played the final game of his career for the gold medal. Australia were beaten 6-2 in that game however they had already created baseball history for Australia. Paul retired an Olympic silver medallist and, having hit a home run in the game, a legend of Australian Baseball.
Throughout his travels Paul met and fell in love with his wife Andrea and they have had two boys Max and Ambrose. The Gonzalez family decided to settle in Brisbane and Paul set his sights on a career in sports management. His growing success in that career is no surprise. Now President of the Queensland Olympic Council, his own experience transitioning from playing and genuine care for athletes has seen him develop, in conjunction with the AOC, a transition program. Paul explains,
“In my current role with the Queensland Olympic Council we have been strategically working with the Queensland Academy of Sport and the Australian Olympic Council to launch a program called, ‘Unleashed’. It’s sport meets community, and what we’re trying to do is not just develop athletes, we’re trying to develop well-rounded athletes that will be engaged within their community, in their schoolwork, within their own personal skillsets. I want to be part of something that isn’t just about winning, but about helping athletes into university and teaching them lifelong skills. It’s a really special time in sport for creating change. I always ask people, ‘what is your next arena?’. It’s almost like my motto and I carry that with me when I am working on these projects. This program is about creating good, young adults because there is more to life than just winning and losing and we are here to help them find the arena that they fit best in. If we can achieve that then I’ve done my job.”

As CEO of Baseball Queensland Paul has overseen changes to the way the sport is governed and to its culture making the sport better for everyone involved. In his role as general manager of the Brisbane Bandits Paul’s off-field leadership has helped the team to a record breaking third consecutive ABL championship. Just to keep another baseball in the air, you will hear Paul’s voice in commentary when you tune into watch our Brisbane Bandits play.

Paul Gonzalez is a one of the most humble and hardworking individuals you will ever meet. He is the person in charge of execution and he thrives on getting things done. He is always working, learning and applying himself as a professional sports manager. Author John C. Maxwell wrote “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”. Paul knows the way to the top, he does what it takes to get there and he works humbly everyday to show and support others in their journey be it to the top of their sport or to further their career.

Why does he do it, “I do what I do because of what I owe the sport, the sport doesn’t owe me a single thing”.
Brisbane Athlete thanks you Paul and we look forward to updating our readers on your career as it progresses.
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