As children observe those older than them achieve great things they start to dream. They dream of the same success.
The CEO of Official, Nigel Berghan, was one of those children. He credits his Father Barry who instilled in him as a boy that, “without a dream the people will perish”. Nigel had limited choice when it came to deciding what he was going to do. He had a humble upbringing that really only gave him access to a basketball hoop, so basketball it was. Worried about how tall he would need to be, Nigel sought some advice from the tallest kid in his school who told him to “eat bananas”. He ate his bananas and became the tallest person in his family and tall enough to play.
With the dream of playing professional basketball and going to the USA firmly implanted in his mind, nothing was going to stop Nigel from realising it. He worked hard and overcame being told that he was too slow and that he would never make it. In only Five years he was playing with the Brisbane Bullets.
Following his time with the Brisbane Bullets he headed off to play in the USA. After four years of traveling and playing in the USA Nigel returned to Australia to kick start Official Schoolwear. Official are one of Australia’s leading uniform manufacturers and the #1 school uniform supplier in Queensland. Their products include school, sporting team and corporate uniforms. Official’s success in the school market is based on a philosophy unique to that market. It is to help schools raise the funds for their Children to achieve their dreams. Instead of doing what their competitors do and taking over the uniform shop thereby keeping the profits, Official teach the school and support them in running the shop themselves. The end result of the Official philosophy is that the profits are retained by the school and the whole school community benefits.
Not content with supporting school communities, Nigel dreamed of giving more. That dream has also been realised. He started Scholarships for Dreams, a business that encourages school students to have a dream, to commit it to writing and to send it in. Each term seven young dreamers are given a scholarship of $1000 to kickstart their dream. Proudly, scholarships for dreams have just launched their international expansion and are now giving the same opportunity to children in Vietnam.
Not only are the children given money, Nigel lets them know that he believes in them and shares his experience in making dreams happen. The process is truly inspirational for the recipient and their wider school community and family.
Whether you are a school needing assistance with your uniforms or a sporting team or business looking for uniforms, Official has the experience to meet your needs. The moment you walk into Official’s Albion office and factory you feel that they are very much a happy family, genuinely focussed on helping their customers with industry leading service
and quality.
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